Clover PR



clover PR provides Consulting, PR and Social Media as our primary services. Branding, Media Production and Event services are offered as add-ons, so that we can provide holistic support to our clients, keeping efforts cohesive and impactful.

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Utilizing our years of expertise in branding, marketing and PR, we offer a fresh, refined perspective and honest insight on how to organize, strategize and optimize your efforts.

• Brand Evaluation

• Brand Messaging + Aesthetics

• Partnerships + Collaborations

• Brand Strategy + Concept Development


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Whether you are a new or existing brand, we offer holistic services to either define or refine your DNA, ensuring consistent messaging and aesthetics across all platforms and initiatives.

• Brand + Social Media Guidelines

• Logo Design

• Website Design + Development

• Graphic Design for Print + Digital Collateral

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We’ve built trusted, long-lasting relationships with the top media and influencers in the country who know to expect innovative brands from our roster and see us as a resource they can trust.

• Hyperlocal PR

• National PR

• International PR

• Media Training

*PR services include Broadcast, Digital, Influencers, Podcast + Print


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We specialize in creating valuable conversations that will substantially increase following, engagement and brand awareness among relevant profiles + target customers.

• Strategy

• Imagery + Copywriting

• Management

• Influencer Partnerships

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We offer comprehensive media production services to capture a library of elevated still and video collateral for use across all branding, PR, social media and web platforms.

• Creative Direction

• Photography

• Video Production

• Talent and Location Scouting



Whether hosting the top media + influencers or your target customers, our experiential marketing approach can be as robust or as finite as needed to help you stand out from the crowd.

• Concept Creation

• Sponsorships

• Media + Consumer Attendance

• On-Site Support + Management



More than just your agency, we integrate seamlessly as part of your team, constantly innovating and ensuring quality standards via high level brainstorming and consulting support.

• Monthly Executive Team Brainstorming

• A Sounding Board for all Internal Ideas + Support

• Campaign-Specific Creative Direction + Design

• Ongoing Brand Direction + Monitoring