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A fifteen year marketing expert born and raised in SoCal, Alana’s west coast roots and east coast hustle are the foundation for clover PR’s long-lasting connections with media, influencers and wellness innovators across the country. Spearheading buzz-worthy, brand-elevating campaigns in beauty, health and wellness, the relationships she has built are what lead to book deals, product endorsements and brand partnerships for our clients and network. She has melded her personal passions (fitness, wellness and “now age” seeker) with a professional acumen (creative explorer, caretaker and truth-disher) that supports clover PR’s forward-thinking culture. Whether working out of our Santa Monica or Tribeca offices, Alana puts the clover ethos into practice by finding time amid the noise to recharge with yoga, meditation, or by cooking up her favorite farmer’s market finds.

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With an extensive digital marketing background and an affinity for talking in hashtags, Heather has supercharged social media and influencer campaigns for brands like Barry’s Bootcamp, Burke Williams Day Spa, Nekter Juice Bar and Nike Women’s Division. Best known for her sunny personality and ability to blend digital and traditional marketing tactics, Heather has channeled her love of wellness, outside-the-box thinking and hyper-organized virgo tendencies to keep campaigns and client ROI at the top of their game. When she’s not strategizing for our clients, this Napa native can be found enjoying a glass of grapes with her baby strapped to her hip. In her free time, you’ll find Heather scoping out new wellness hotspots for a little self-care, and even disconnecting from her phone (as painful as that may be).

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The creative visionary behind our clients’ aesthetics, Rachel has an eye for truly ‘seeing’ a founder’s vision while elevating its look and feel to set brands apart from the rest. With strong roots in wellness and natural beauty, Rachel thrives as much in strategy as she does design. Her work is known among clients such as Yoga Journal, Dr. Andrew Weil and Wanderlust for being clean, modern and sophisticated, and for delivering their vision while infusing warmth and personality. Always conducting some sort of wellness or travel-related personal experiment, this native Vermonter and mother of two spent her 20’s exploring all corners of the world before making a home in Southern California. She believes life is full of exciting opportunities and that the adventure has always just begun.


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An NYC native, Matt began his career assisting legendary photographers such as Bruce Weber and Aldo Rossi III. Working on editorial and advertising campaigns like Chanel, Hermes, Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder, he learned early on the impact that impeccable imagery can have on a brand. After years working on fashion and fine art projects, this Krav Maga black belt and avid boxer decided to combine his interests in healthy lifestyle and creative marketing. Switching his focus to commercial projects, he delivers the same level of quality to collateral for health and wellness brands like Nike and Men’s Journal. As Director of Media Production, Matt leads our teams in NYC and LA to produce powerful still and video content that can be utilized across our clients’ branding, PR and social media efforts. Matt hates kale.