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This cold weather has us craving a warm bowl of butternut squash soup and maybe an Irish coffee to wash it down with. It’s all about balance (and being festive), right? Check out this weeks #FreshFriday before you join in on the St. Patty’s fun.

Berry Smart (Independent)

Diet and exercise play a large roll in not only a person's physical health but mental as well. Nutritional psychiatry is becoming the future in care for mental health. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and ADHD can all be negatively affected by a lack of nutrients. Therefor using food and supplements to provide the essential nutrients are becoming an alternative form of treatment and medicine for mental health patients. All of this is helping to reduce mental health disorders and the use of prescription drugs.

Fit Kids (The Verge)

Our favorite sport band Fitbit has just released the Fitbit Ace - the first of its kind designed just for kids. The hope behind this band is to encourage kids to start creating habits young that include physical activity. The Ace will provide fitness and sleep goals appropriate for their age. The band will be released this summer in two fun colors - purple and blue.

Dreadmill (Well+Good)

Studio is a new app that offers boutique group running classes that combine motivating instructors with the hottest playlist. The app allows you to compete in real-time against other runners around the world and earn Fitcoin while doing so. The app is $15/month or $99 for a year which, includes unlimited classes through the app. Running has never looked so good.

It Girls Only (Guest of A Guest)

New York’s favorite accessory and ready-to-wear label, Mansur Gavriel, has just opened its first cafe in Los Angeles. Cafe Flora is designed to translate their fashion into food with different chefs creating colorful, organic and creative food. The new hotspot is located at 8475 Melrose Place. See you there!

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