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Now’s the time to try that trendy restaurant that is always booked because this weekend thousands of Angelenos will migrate east for Coachella. It never ceases to amaze us how empty our city feels during these 3 days. The freeways empty out and shopping suddenly feels like a private and personal experience. We’re looking forward to traffic-free streets, warm + sunny weather and double dosing on lemon water to welcome that spring feeling. #festive

Motivation This Way (Chalkboard Magazine)

Kudos to all of you who easily make it to the gym after work. Finding time and the space to care for our bodies is so important, but convincing ourselves to book a gym session after a long day can be a struggle. Discovering new ways to refuel to break out of the afternoon energy slump is vital. The Chalkboard featured seven ways to get that burst of energy to get you off the couch and to the gym. ur personal fave? Adding in powerful adaptogens for a healthy boost.

Spring Cleaning Checklist... Outside? (Apartment Therapy)

We have hit our spring cleaning stride. Living in Southern California means spending more time in our homes’ outdoor spaces, but, if we’re honest, the cute succulent we bought last summer didn’t get its proper love through the colder months. . Now’s the perfect time to replant and repurpose the pot. Bridging the gap between inside and outdoor space in our homes creates the illusion of more square footage and, in turn, an increase in space allows us to find rest and relaxation in our homes. Read on to see how you can look outward with spring cleaning this year.

F(ood)estival Season (Chalkboard Magazine)

We are seriously impressed with the lineup at Coachella. The food lineup, that is. Coachella may technically be a music festival, but we won’t judge if you’re going primarily for the treats.. This year’s healthy additions are helping you keep your wellness goals in check.  Start your morning off with a Matcha Green Tea Latte from Go Get Em Tiger before picking up a Jackfruit Bowl from Vibe Organic Kitchen. Other vendors showing up for the foodies include Guerrilla Tacos, GT’s Kombucha, Hayden, Sweetfin Poke and Phorage. #YUM

Who Run the World? Girls (Refinery29)

This past Tuesday was Equal Pay Day and if your Instagram feed is anything like ours, you saw an influx of informative posts about the pay gap between the salaries of men and their female counterparts. We adored the commoradorie of lifting up our sisters and being advocates for one another. However, it’s 2018 and women are still only earning 80 cents to a man’s dollar. Growing up, we were taught not to talk about money, but we’re inspired by the ever-growing conversation.  Refinery29 showed up in a big way in this article showcasing that the only way to close the pervasive gender wage gap is by speaking up.

Have a great weekend!

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Rachel Garahan