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Swinging into Summer

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It’s not often we set our alarms for 4:00am on a Saturday, but the Royal Wedding is happening and we are here for it. Did you know the soon-to-be princess is a fan of our go-to facial oil Lumity? #clientlove . Saturday morning means an early morning snuggling up on the couch with tea and biscuits but come Sunday we are back to our normal of getting out and getting at it. Check out this FF to

Gut Check(Chalkboard)
All signs seem to be pointing to gut health being indicative of overall health. Want better skin? Improve your gut health. Want shinier hair? Improve your gut health. Want stronger immunity… gut health. With so many links to a healthy lifestyle we are constantly searching for ways to promote a healthy gut. Plant-based chef Meredith Baird, created this incredible DIY coconut water kefir loaded with probiotics to get your gut summer-ready. BRB, filling up our glasses.

Pass the Popcorn (Refinery29)
MoviePass has changed the game in how we watch movies. A bad movie review used to mean waiting until the movie was released on DVD (or VHS 😂😂😂) to avoid forking over the cash for a mediocre experience. But with MoviePass, why not? It’s a cheap date night that costs virtually nothing. However, like all things that seem too good to be true, they usually are.  Turns out the big bucks aren’t coming anytime soon. So since MoviePass might soon cease to exist, it may be the time to look at our options. Enter Sinemia! Refinery29 outlined the pros and cons of MoviePass’ biggest competitor and we have to admit we are intrigued.

Summer Lunch Break (Darling)
Gone are the days when summer meant escaping from the daily responsibilities of school for months at a time. So how do we capitalize on the warm whimsical days of summer without escaping to summer camp? Integrating the outdoors into our work day can bring in that nostalgic, coveted summer goodness. We love these tangible ideas from Darling Magazine to escaping into summer during your lunch break. Join us this summer as we *gasp* step away from the desk.

Grandma to the Rescue! (Refinery29)
Team clover is in the middle of a baby boom! In less than a year, we have added three babies to our little tribe. These new little additions bring a new set of a joy and a new set of responsibilities. We are so thankful for the community surrounding us that enable us to be parents and in careers and  this article featuring the rise of the stay-at-home grandmas definitely spiked our interest. We consider it such a gift to have people coming alongside us in raising our babies and love this village mentality.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover

Rachel Garahan