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Health is multifaceted, there isn't one thing you can do to be "healthy". Team clover is in the midst of a lot of life and pursuing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is a game changer in keeping us on our toes to conquer the world....and to curate opportunities for our clients to shine. 

Calling all tween world changers! 
A social network geared towards tween girls generally leaves us feeling queasy but we are cheering for Maverick – a new social network leaning into empowering young girls to be the best versions of themselves. Moving away from “likes” and the social currency prescribed by traditional platforms, Maverick is uprooting the system. Alternatively, Maverick is encouraging it’s subscribers to participate in a series of challenges meant to promote leadership and positive self image. Now that a platform women can build upon!

Refuel, Recharge, Reconnect! (The EveryGirl)
It’s no secret that team clover is full of self-care advocates! Life stays busy – we live dynamic lives with demands from both our personal and professional life. The practice of self-care is a crucial item on our to do list so that we can conquer the other items with excellence. To refuel our energy and keep our minds and bodies fresh, we love this list of 15 acts of self-care to recharge and renew.

A Royal Shift (Refinery29)
Long live the Queen! We are obsessed with The Crown and Claire Foy is a dream in the leading role. We thought it was royally unfair when it was revealed that Foy was paid less then her male co-stat Matt Smith. The shows creators have paid up – and this very public disgrace has provided an opportunity to talk about the importance of being your own advocate. You can make a point and say something--without it being about you being difficult. In Foys words, it’s about supporting yourself. Queen Elizabeth is England’s longest reigning monarch and we’re hoping this means a long run for The Crown. 

Summer Overnight Oats (Eating Bird Food)
Waking up on a hot summer day to a fresh cold breakfast sounds like an ideal situation. Fruits like peaches and berries are coming into season, making now the perfect time to add some new overnight oat recipes into your breakfast rotation. You might notice that these four recipes share names with desserts…don’t be surprised when we show up to your summer BBQ with these served in mini mason jars. 

Rachel Garahan