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Matcha Later?


Capturing moments  is sort of our thing, especially when healthy treats are involved. Holy Matcha in San Diego is an Instagrammer’s heaven and you can walk away mostly guilt-free knowing that their matcha goodies  are loaded with antioxidants. So whether you’re day tripping down to coast to LA’s southern neighbor, or staying in to binge the new season of the ‘it’ show-of-the-moment, take a peek below for some insight from around the web on how to prepare for your best summer yet.

Treat Kindness Like Confetti... Throw It Everywhere (Darling Magazine)
What if we all took notice of the superpower within us to be a daychanger? We all have the capacity to influence someone's day for the better. No matter how trivial it seems, each and every interaction f holds the potential to affect change for the better. Whether it’s a subtle nod of acknowledgment to a stranger on the elevator or a “Thanks!” replied to a work email, just by acknowledging value you demonstrate goodwill of humanity at large. So stretch out your “daychanger” muscles and spread a little kindness.

Reduce, Reuse, Re-Up Your Beauty Routine  (Hello Glow)
You’ve started to take the necessary steps to live an eco-friendly life - you use  reusable water bottles and shopping bags and suddenly you can’t help but notice that plastic is everywhere. Finding tangible ways to decrease your carbon footprint can make a huge change, but our beauty routines can often go overlooked. This article from Hello Glow is a great start for small changes that will make a big impact...hello DIY face mask!

Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself  (Travel + Leisure)
More and more travelers are choosing the path less traveled over the poolside cabana for their coveted vacations. However, adventure requires a bit of prep and few things can put a damper on a vacation like the impact of an injury. Keeping yourself safe while participating in an active vacation is something you should think about long before hopping on a plane. Travel + Leisure asked trainers, medics and adventure guides how to responsibly push your limits during a physically intense trip. Read on for the best tips!

Aloe All Around (Hot Beauty Health)
Finding out that something almost everyone has hiding in their medicine cabinet can be supercharged to be used other ways is a win for everyone! We are practically experts at lathering ourselves with Aloe Vera gel to treat a sunburn but who knew that you could also use it to treat gum disease or as a brow gel?! We’re all for minimizing the number of products in our routine and it sounds like Aloe Vera is just what we need. Plus, you can grow it yourself! Summer gardening project, anyone?

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