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Sip your Superfoods: The Herbal Elixir trend

  Well + Good's wellness trends for 2016 are in and they are HOT HOT HOT! From athleisure taking over our closets to seaweed being the new kale(!), next year is in for some big changes. One that we predicted is the growing trend of sipping your super foods and you guessed it #7 on W+G's wellness bible of 2016 is "drink your beauty."

Here's our three favorite beauty boosting beverages we think you should try:

  1. Renew Juicery, a wellness innovator and founder of the latest Pure Potions Herbal Elixirs ($55, 2oz jar // $35, vial 3-pack), gave us the heads up on this trend when they started collaborating with Fruits to the Roots to create three formulations -- Beauty (Cinnamon Rose flavor), Brilliance (Mint Cacao flavor) and Longevity (Matcha flavor). Each blend combine powerful ancient herbs and botanicals that make any hot or cold beverage an instant superfood.
  2. Moon Juice Beauty Dust ($65, 2oz jar) is a heavy-hitting holistic concoction wrapped in a gorgeous bow. Founder and wellness expert, Amanda Chantal-Bacon, has thought of everything with this blend including stress reducing herbs -- a main factor in aging. This beauty blend also has been known to add shine to your hair, glow to your complexion and strengthen nails.
  3. Elle Macphareson is sharing her beauty secrets. WellEco, her super elixir powder, has made its mark by balancing out Ph levels to reach an Alkaline state and realign with your innerself. Their all-in-one organic, high potency Alkalising Greens supplement has been called "the key to a balanced life."

Rather make your own? Try these healthy recipes from Organic Spa Magazine featuring our favorite blend-a-nista, Tess Masters Chia Choo Choo recipe.

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