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Crystals // Your Energy’s Muse

For most of the world, crystals are commonly associated with colorful hippies or that old thrift store near Grandma's house. To us in the wellness realm, crystals are more than just some crazy lady’s ancient folklore. Crystals have the ability to subtly yet profoundly influence our energy, health, and aura. As humans, Earth is a common link we all share (fancy that), so using crystals in our everyday life helps to align us with Earth's divine energies. 
From holistic healers to those who have never meditated a day in their lives, people are starting to infuse crystals in their home, work and bodies. They are seen in our modern world as healing properties and used as a guidance directly from the Earth. Each crystal is made up of different components corresponding to diverse vitalities. For today’s crystal crash course, let's cover the 5 main crystals that will change your life for the better. 

Clear Quartz =  The master healer! This bad boy is incredibly versatile and a 'must have' in any collection. The chemical formula for clear quartz is Si02, a.k.a silica. Science shows our bodies are made of liquid silica, which apparently, is something we cannot live without. If you only want one crystal in your life, this one’s for you. 
Rose Quartz = All spiritual journeys must start with some self-love and acceptance. This is a fantastic crystal for helping you achieve inner love, (and let’s face it, we all need a little TLC sometimes). It also promotes calming energies by drawing off the negative ones. 
Citrine = The premiere stone of manifestation! Pair this with a beautiful and sunny day and you are good to go. This stone magnifies a happy and creative energy as well as stimulating chakras and clearing the mind. It’s frequency awakens creativity and imagination, wah-la, say #ByeFelicia to your creative slump! 
Green Aventurine = One of our favorite vitality crystals, known for working with heart chakra and water elements to provide comfort, harmony, and protection. Being the color green, it is associated with good luck, particularly in the financial area, ch-ching. It is a common healing stone for growth, confidence and friendships. 
Amethyst = Amethyst is a common crystalbasic, therefore easy to obtain. It works on many different levels but is known for offering protection and purification as well as the release of any addictions, anger and anxiety. It enhances your intuitions and gives focus and direction. Not to mention, it strengthens your immune system. Little magical rock? We think so. 

Wanting to tap into your inner power and manifest your dreams? Los Angeles is home to some great crystal stores (after all we are one of the OG-hippie destinations). Some of our favs are House Of IntuitionThe Crystal MatrixSpellbound Sky and Mystic JourneyLet's get #metaphysical!
xx, team clover