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February 10 // #FreshFriday

Friday, you’ve always been our first love. But this weekend, (whether you have a bae or plan on spending the weekend listening to Bey), is all about love. Check out this week’s Valentine’s Day Themed #FreshFriday and enjoy a weekend of love and self-treating.  A Bomb for Your Mouth (InStyle)

14th February, whether you love it or you hate it, the internet and your local CVS capitalize on it (I mean, a whole aisle dedicated to V-Day, really?). Everyone’s favorite beauty brand, LUSH, has created ‘mint flavored bombs’ in which you suck on to give you that minty fresh breath. Tell us we are not the only ones who dream of eating everything in that store? P.s you may need these guys after you and your S/O down all of this delicious Valentine’s day food from TJs.

Love is the Name, Aphrodisiac is the Game  (ESYM)

Is it getting hot in here or is it just the sweet smell of love, namely ESYM’s sensual essential oils—try saying that 10 times fast. If you’re reading this, we might be the lucky ‘clover’ you needed to finally get that massage you’ve been after. What better way to start any romantical adventure than with a sweet aroma. Recently featured in Well+Good, check out ESYM’s aphrodisiac oils and find out why scents reach your olfactory nerves faster than you can say ‘chocolate covered strawberries’.

All the Single Ladies, Put your Hands Up! (Three Day Rule)

As you scroll through your Instagram feed and find that all your friends are getting engaged, you can’t help but wonder why love for some people is as easy as catching a cold. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a dreading Tuesday, which means the real fun happens this weekend. Grab the gals and a picture of your ex and head to the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica for a Pre-Valentine's Day party. What’s the picture of your ex for you may ask? To burn in the cauldron of course. You never know who you might meet at this soiree too, not to mention there will be pro Matchmakers from Three Day Rule floating around and being your very own cupid.

Now folks, let us remember… that Valentine’s Day is just a day. Don’t fret about not having someone on this hallmark holiday, because single being is also pretty amazing. If you’re still feeling a little Bridget Jones-esque, check out how music can provide just as much (or more) pleasure as some of our other fav things.

Have a great weekend! xx, team clover