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Fourth of July Packing Essentials

July is here and bringing warm sunshine, bright smiles, and one of our favorite days of the year – the Fourth of July! What better excuse to plan a relaxing weekend getaway to enjoy beautiful weather, unforgettable company, delicious food, and spectacular fireworks? We saved you from the hard part of planning a trip - packing - and created this list of essential items you’ll need no matter where you choose to celebrate this year.  

1. Bring a cute outfit versatile enough to be worn from day to night. A simple dress that can be dressed up or down using different accessories to easily make your look perfect for any location or activity is a necessity. Whether you’re headed out to a chic dinner or just hanging out in the backyard with friends, you can’t go wrong with an adorable dress in a bright color. Take a classic spin on the patriotic theme by choosing something simple in red, blue, or white, then make it your own by adding statement jewelry pieces.

2. Grab your makeup essentials for a sun-kissed look to compliment any outfit. Stick with a basic routine using products that can multitask to create an easy look (and for lighter packing!). Choose a BB cream to moisturize, protect, and conceal to achieve a flawless complexion all with one product. Opt for a waterproof mascara to keep your lashes long and full throughout the entire day, even if you happen to hop in the pool! Go for a hydrating, neutral lip gloss that compliments your skin tone to make your lips stand out while still looking natural. Finally, give your skin a warm glow with an all-over, luminescent bronzer which can easily double as a golden eye shadow to enhance your lids for a night out. Put these products together, and the sky won’t be all that’s glowing this Fourth of July!

3. Pack a cute T-shirt and some activewear to be prepared for all weekend activities. Chances are you'll be outside enjoying the beautiful summer sunshine and incredible scenery during your excursion, so you might as well look cute! Whether you go for a long hike or a relaxing stroll around town, it’s always best to be prepared with the perfect outfit that’s comfortable and adorable. Who knows when you’ll need to pose for an Instagram shot?! We’re in love with these chic, ultra-comfy designs from clover cloth - they’re eco friendly, and proceeds go toward important causes that spread love + do good in the world.

4. Tame the mane – remember your dry shampoo! What woman has time (or the desire) to constantly wash her hair during a fun-filled weekend? Pack some dry shampoo to freshen, volumize, and texturize those locks and keep your hair looking enviously gorgeous all weekend without the hassle of washing it. Go for a product that’s good for both your hair and the environment like skinnyskinny’s Organic Dry Shampoo to leave your hair refreshed and smelling divine. Bonus: it comes in a travel-size perfect for your getaway!

5. Beach Prep 101: bathing suit, sunscreen, and post-sun treatment! Prepare to be a beach babe! Bring your favorite bathing suit in case you spend time at the beach, lake, or pool. Protect your skin against the sun’s harsh UV rays with a sunscreen that provides at least SPF 30, but preferably SPF 50 or higher. Arm yourself with a product to treat your skin after it’s been exposed to the sun like SkinAgain Rescue, a calming lotion designed to literally rescue your skin after any potential sunburn mishaps. Ditch the irritation and leave your trip with flawless, replenished skin!

6. Don’t forget to throw in your favorite scent! Grab the perfect perfume (or two) to help you freshen up in between weekend activities and set the mood from day to night. Remember, an alluding fragrance is a girl’s best accessory! Our favorite? LURK perfume oils - hand-blended and completely natural with no water or alcohol in the ingredients. From fresh citrus to sultry rose notes, there’s a scent for every personality and mood in the LURK collection.

Happy Fourth of July!


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