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#FreshFriday // July 8

Oh, Friday ... we meet again!  We hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend and that you're letting the good times roll into this one.  Make sure to squeeze in a breather to catch up on this week's #FreshFriday! Eating More Fat Might Make You Live Longer (Well + Good)

Remember that avocado cocktail we shared with you last week?  Well, in case you haven't tried it out yet here is one big reason to get mixing.  Harvard Researchers found that those who eat more unsaturated fats from plant-based foods lived longer than those who didn't.  Not all cal's are created equal, people!

The World Is Bigger Than Our Heads (The Body Book)

High stress and anxiety is something that creeps up on most of during certain times of our lives, and while we try and stay grounded and in the present, it can get tough.. which has serious effects on our health. Say hello to your newest preventative measure and bye bye to anxiety. Divination is the ability to be divine, which anyone can do! Read on to see the different ways you can do 'divination' and block out those negative thoughts once and for all.

Move Over, Hotdogs, A Kale-Eating Contest Is On Its Way (MindBodyGreen)

Come July 9 kale will officially be as American as a hot dog, (Kale yeah!).  The 'Taste of Buffalo' food festival in New York will be hosting the first ever all-you-can-eat  "Kale Cup" competition.  Contestants will have eight minutes to eat as much kale as they can and the winner will take home $2,000. #SeeingGreen


Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend! Until next week :)

xx, team clover