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#FreshFriday // April 7

As if we weren't already drooling over the weekend ahead, we are now thanks to these Unicorn Pancakes from Alison Wu. Yep, you heard us right. Before we add these to our Sunday Brunch lineup, let's have a look at some of our favorite reads this week in today's #FreshFriday... A Glass Of Wine A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (NPR)

Wine, apples - same thing. A new study from a Yale neuroscientist says the flavor of wine engages more parts of the brain than any other human activity. Long story short, molecules in the mouth stimulate thousands of taste + odor receptors which signal major cognitive functions including pattern, memory, judgment, emotion and best of all pleasure within the brain. Pass the Pinot Noir, please.

Move Over LinkedIn  (NYLON)

All successful professionals have one tool in common: networking. Let's face it, unless you're in communications it's not a very inviting task. Shapr is the newest app that connects professionals based on interest, location and experience. Every day you are paired with 10 matches, with the goal to expand your network and hopefully meet IRL. Swiping right ASAP.

AbcV, As Easy As 123. (Chalkboard Mag)

For our fellow NYC #foodies, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is at it again with a spin-off of his popular ABC restaurant with a new sustainable, non-GMO, locally-sourced, vegetarian endeavor.  The new digs feature chic light-washed interiors that give off a rather whimsical vibe and mimic New York's hottest home goods store. This is a major win for the #veggie community and we can't wait to try everything on the plant-based menu.

We'll Just Have Water (Adweek)

We wouldn't be good #PRpeople if we didn't speak on the controversial Pepsi commercial that was released and immediately pulled this week. The commercial was supposed to convey unity amongst people from different walks of life. However, (cue cringe) it ended up going viral for minimizing underlying messages. Working in the ever-expanding media landscape, it's important to be mindful when working on a sensitive, political topic. Needless to say, Pepsi did not have a good week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx, team clover