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#FreshFriday // August 12

Happy weekend, friends! Welcome to Friday. Whatever you are up to this weekend (Olympic viewing party or making the perfect fitness boomerang) let's roll into the weekend with the latest #FreshFriday. The Importance Of The Opening Ceremony At The Olympics  (ThinkProgress)

With 3.3 billion viewers worldwide, the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games was seriously #trending. This year, viewers all around the world saw a short video on the alarming effects of climate change - timely since 2016 has been the warmest year on record. The video emphasized deforestation in the host country of Brazil and the rising sea levels in various other countries. While so many different countries are on the world stage, it's important to remember that Earth is home to us all, and that protecting it is a goal we should all have in common.

Got a Spare $10K Lying Around? We Know Just How You Should Spend It (Vogue)

We are about to take your #RetreatDreams to the next level. Nestled in the Santa Monica mountains, Aja is a property awash in crystals and good vibes. For $10,000 a week, you get plant-based meals made with whole foods, a range of spa treatments (including infrared sauna and acupuncture) and guided hikes - all sans-iPhone. We'll meet you at the jacuzzi crystal cave.

This Productivity Hack Will Instantly Make You Feel Better (Well+Good)

The great thing about weekends is that we can use them to re-energize, re-center and re-motivate ourselves for the week ahead. Bullet Journaling, or 'BuJo', is an intricate method of organization that aims to "externalize your memory." It forces you to make charts and use symbols, which taps into both your cognitive and motor skills and relieves the brain from the stress of thinking about something for too long. Someone hand me a journal and bring on Monday!

Have a rad weekend!

xx, team clover