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#FreshFriday // August 19

Friday, you're looking mighty fine! Before we kick off this weekend's festivities (which may or may not include Namastay'ing in bed) here's your #FreshFriday: Keurig Isn't Just For Coffee Anymore (Bustle)

It's nearly September, which means that the colder months are nearing. There's always that friend/sibling/neighbor who gets sick every winter, amirite? Just when you thought you had done everything you could to make them feel better, our fave at home coffee dispenser, Keurig, has come out with single-pods of cold medicine. Super handy for those days when you wake up and find your body can't even.

We're About To See The #ALSIceBucketChallenge 2.0 (Today)

Every day, 22 veterans take their own lives, so in true fashion a #22pushupchallenge has gone viral on social media as a way of showing support and respect for those who have sacrificed their lives. Celebrities such as The Rock, Chris Pratt and Maddie Ziegler have all completed the challenge. Just remember, 22 push ups is nothing in comparison to what these vets have gone through. Join the challenge!

Rio Is Stepping Up The #ReduseReuseRecycle Game (NY Times)

250 tons. Multiply that figure by 3 meals a day, and then multiply that again that by the number of days the Olympians, coaches and officials spend at the Olympic Village. That number is the amount of raw vegetables prepared to feed the most talented sports people in the world. That is a whole load of food for a dense area. Notable chef (and total badass if you ask us), Massimo Boturra was shocked by the amount of food going to waste from the Village, and is turning all of the wasted food into meals for the homeless. Hell yeh!

We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and when we say fantastic weekend, we also say that it's ok to admit you will be binge-watching Stranger Things all weekend. Guilty. If you aren't in the mood for a sci-fi binge however, check out our latest #girlcrush, Camilla Rowe's 'What Is Wellness' YouTube series #relatable.

xx, team clover