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#FreshFriday // August 25

Happy Friday from team clover. What an exciting week it was for astrology lovers like ourselves. While most of our time was spent obsessing over the eclipse and drinking crystal water we also managed to round up our top picks from the week for #FreshFriday! Team Virgo (Well+Good)

Team clover was built by the hearts of two Virgos and this explains a lot. Virgo season is meant for productivity, whether it’s for health + wellness goals, your future or career. Mercury is also in retrograde but even this won’t get in the way of a Virgo. This is a powerful time to focus all of your energy on a meaningful purpose that moves you in the direction you want to be going. If you achieve this during retrograde the stars will continue to align for months to come as the planets shift.

I Like To Move It Move It (The Chalkboard)

As neighbors to our favorite Free People store in Santa Monica, we were thrilled to find out that FP Movement would be taking over for a pop-up shop! What does it entail? The store got a total wellness makeover complete with fitness apparel and accessories. Also, they’ll be hosting free classes weekly including Meditation Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, Fitness Fridays and fun activities such as crystal classes, full moon celebrations and so much more. The fun starts this Saturday with free workouts throughout the day. If we are OOO, find us at Free People.

Porta-Gyms (SELF)

In the city, people pay big money for accessibility and location especially when it comes to your gym. China just opened up five mini one person gyms throughout Beijing equipped with a treadmill, air conditioning, and a TV. This is the perfect concept for someone who can’t get to their gym or for travelers. While costs are initially only $15 and 3 cents per minute after that, it could add up annually if this was your primary gym. There are plans to open up a thousand more across the eastern part of Beijing but we hope they make their way to the states as well.

A Toast (Mind Body Green)

Literally. Whole Foods’ newest beer is made from 3.6 tons of old bread that would have been thrown out or turned into animal feed. Toast Ale looks like every other artisanal brew you see on your local shelves, but this one has a commitment to fighting food waste. The old bread still offers valuable nutrients and Toast works to preserve them and then sends their waste to the livestock farms. We love a good cause and we’ll drink to that!

Last but certainly not least, this Saturday is Women’s Equality Day. It has been 97 years since women got the right to vote, but we still have work to do.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover