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#FreshFriday // August 26

We've never met a Friday we didn't like... With summer coming to an end, let's make the most of this weekend with cocktails, beach time (#beapineapple) and Fresh Fridays. It's here: Namasdrake (Elite Daily)

While some of us prefer our yoga to be filled with the sounds peaceful waterfalls and rivers, others find it easier to zen out to a bit of hip-hop/rap - it is the 21st century after all. Well friends, if you are in the latter then we have a treat for you. Popular LA bar, Resident, hosted 'Namasdrake', a place to 'just hold on, we're going om'. Drizzy has that hard and soft side making it the perfect yin and yang, it's no surprise tickets sold out almost instantly.

Bye Bye #ThighGap, Hello #MermaidThighs (Well+Good)

It's been a hot minute since we've had a viral photo trend, thinking back to #thighgap and #hotdogsorlegs. Mermaid Thighs are the latest thing to come out of the water (no pun intended) and instead boasts a more positive and powerful message regarding body shape. Obviously, the closer together your thighs are the closer you are to being a mermaid... so who is the real winner here? Check out the article above and make your final summer pic a good one!

The Future Of Food Wrapping Is Going To 'Brie' Great  (Think Progress)

Biodegradable, sustainable and edible. This is what our food packing could look like in the future. The USDA is currently working on packaging made completely out of the milk protein, casein, to create an environmentally friendly way to wrap foods. The property is reportedly 500x more effective than plastics at keeping foods fresh and would decrease food waste along the distribution chain. Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx, team clover