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#SelfCare starts at home and what better day to start then #FreshFriday? We are in full holiday mode with Christmas music playing in the background as we speak. We rounded up our first reads of the holiday season for you below before you’re off to pick out the perfect  Christmas tree. Hotty Toddy (Hello Glow)

It’s not the holidays without lots of specialty drinks and this Turmeric Hot Toddy is on the top of our must-try list. Named the healing drink of the winter, turmeric is used for its anti-inflammatory ingredients and now it’s being paired with ginger and lemon (vitamin-C). Need an extra boost to get through the holiday craze and champagne celebrations? This is the perfect at-home recipe to keep your immunity and metabolism in check.  

Yes, Please (Self)

PSA: New update on the ClassPass front. They’re now beginning to introduce a new credit system allowing you to potentially attend more classes each month. Now, instead of buying a set number of monthly classes you can purchase credits, with more popular classes, such as FlyWheel, costing more credit than the new mom + pop yoga studio that opened on your block.  which allow you to potentially attend more classes or use them on a popular class. As avid yogis, we love a little flexibility in our workout routine.

#StuckInBali (Grist)

Everyone's favorite Indonesian surf/vacay spot was in full chaos this week as a local volcano, Mount Agung, was labeled full eruption. A large cloud of ash filled the sky causing more than 60,000 people to be stranded in Bali for days. While Bali is lucky that the eruption isn’t worse, the worldwide climate implications such as its ash and gas emissions could still block some of the sun’s rays for the next year or two. If the eruption does escalate we could also see permanent cooler temperatures as been seen in the past after other major volcanic eruptions. If you would like to help with supplies or anything needed for the thousands evacuated,  donate here.

Moon Child (Refinery29)

This Sunday, December 3, the supermoon will be returning for its second appearance. A supermoon happens when the moon is extremely close to the earth making it appear grander than normal. What does this mean? Well, if your holiday family gatherings are off to a good start, this weekend might not be the best time to rock the boat. Supermoons bring superstitions that are said to have a greater influence over beings during its time but also can be used to your advantage to feel more intense experiences, sensations and memories.

Have a great weekend!

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