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#FreshFriday // December 2

So, it's December which means very important things are starting to happen, like non-stop Christmas music in the office. We have one more month of sweet '16 so let's make it a goodie. Happy weekend and Happy #FreshFriday! Wanderlust Alert (MindBodyGreen)

Sorry in advance, but this 27 year-old woman is about to snag the world record for most countries traveled in the shortest period of time. Cassandra De Pocol is just a reminder that passionate woman can achieve anything they put their minds too. The Connecticut native is a yogi and tends to avoid the big cities and instead seeks comfort in the smaller rural towns of countries. Check out her Instagram here.

Emma Watson Refuses To Wear A Corset (Elite Daily)

That's a 2016 princess right there. Our favorite self-proclaimed feminist, Emma Watson, has been cast as Belle in the upcoming remake of Beauty And The Beast. She wanted to help shape the character and limit restrictiveness, meaning she ditched the corset. The UN Women Goodwill Ambassador didn't want anyone watching to question their own bodies or feel the need to fit into this 'ideal body' that the media creates.

Yoga Joins Unesco World Heritage List (The Guardian)

Yoga is getting the recognition it deserves! The practice, designed to help individuals build self-realization and ease any suffering they may be experiencing, has just been added to the Unesco's intangible world heritage list because of its positive influence on Indian society. The list was created about 10 years ago, mainly to increase awareness, while Unesco also offers some financial and technical support to the practice. Namaste!

If nothing but a bit of R&R is on the cards this weekend (sign us up) then check out how to have the bath of your dreams right here.

xx, team clover