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Oh Friday, we adore your energy. We also adore all things health and wellness if you hadn't already got the memo. This week we have all the most recent news to keep you up to speed.Our Two Favorite Men (New York Post)

Ben & Jerry’s will be releasing a new line of ice cream later this month called Moo-phoria. The line cuts sugars and fats from their original flavors but don’t worry, it still has cookie dough. We’re not surprised, or disappointed, that they are getting on the wellness trend as competitors such as Halo Top and even Breyers have changed the way we look at sweets. The new line only has three flavors, but offers more insight such as half-cup calorie counts on the packaging so you can still be in control.

A Bug’s Life (HuffPost)

We have been seeing trends of new protein sources, but we didn’t expect this one. Eating insects instead of our traditional meats would substantially help the negative impact humans have on our environment. Even just taking small steps to eat chicken or beef that was raised on an insect-based diet will help to reduce our footprint. Helping the planet is just one of the many things insects do such as help with pollination, fight unwanted agricultural pests, recycling and feeding other animals. Maybe this will make you think twice before you get grossed out by eating the helpful critters.

Beauty Sleep (Bustle)

We are slightly obsessed with this latest find, The Deja Pages Pillowcase. Designed with your skin in mind, the pillowcase gives you eight nights of clean sleep to prevent acne from building and lets your skin heal naturally. Retailing at only $44 makes it one of the most cost-effective skincare products on the market. The pillow is designed with layers of new “pages” (clean sheets) that you take off each night, making it easier than ever to include in your routine to get your beauty sleep. Instead of sleeping in your skins oils, bacteria and dirt you have a clean place to lay your head. #sweetdreams

Extraordinary (The Everygirl)

Always on the hunt for the next best skincare line that won’t break the bank? Meet The Ordinary - an affordable skincare company that produces, tests, packages and distributes from the same facility in Toronto, Canada. This helps to cut a portion of the cost of spending when making a product along with minimalistic packaging. Getting effective clinical treatments at ridiculously affordable prices changes the beauty game. Shop the line at Sephora here.

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