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Cheers to the first Friday of #2018. Our latest #FreshFriday taps into the newest wellness trends that are hitting in the new year. If you are in the LA area this weekend, join us here as we attend a fitness, movement and goal setting event hosted by the lovely Aubre Winters and Almost 30. New Year Who Dis (Domino)

Ring in the new year a little too hard? Well if you are still feeling the side effects we have a few tips to re-start a fresh & healthy new year. Taryn Toomey recommends, first, drinking numerous lemon waters to reverse the acidic state of your body after consuming alcohol. Second, if you take two tablets of milk-thistle and dandelion it will boost liver function. Last, but certainly not least, showering in extreme temperature variations will shock your body to rev up your lymphatic system. Other experts recommend the creative and grounding approach of making a gratitude list, mood board and meditating to start the next chapter of your life.

Burr-unch (Guest Of A Guest)

Just because we are in the middle of a bombgenesis doesn’t mean a gal doesn’t need to eat. Bundle up because we’re going out to the “hottest” brunch spots in the city. For rustic chic lovers, Rosemary’s is for you. Brave enough to sit outside? Cozy up by the fire on the patio of Waverly Inn. If you are more of a classic, go with Claudette, a NYC brunch staple, and for all our Blair Waldorfs out there, we will see you at Cafe Cluny.

Red Red Wine (Eater)

A couple years back the internet freaked when seeing images of blue wine surface from Europe and now our unicorn, mermaid loving foodies are going to get our own taste of this magical beverage. Blue wine created by Gik has been banned in its original origin as being labeled wine because Spanish regulation only permits red and white wine to be sold in their local market. However, here in the US of A, we are only missing one color to our red and white wines and that is blue. Gik is approved to be imported and sold starting in Florida, with hopes of distribution in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California, and Nevada. Let’s just say we are feeling extra lucky to live in a country that welcomes wine innovation. #DrinkUp

Trend Watch (The Chalkboard)

A new year brings new wellness trends and we have all 365 days to be on the lookout. The forecast includes the come back of supplements and daily vitamins, a greater focus on your brain health, the continuum of anti-aging & health longevity and a whole lot of breathwork as a new form of fitness. So exhale and enjoy the journey of 2018.

Have a great weekend.

xx, team clover

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