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#FreshFriday // July 14

Kick your feet up and pour yourself a nice glass of wine (we are) because it’s finally the weekend! Summer is flying by but we are still taking in every bit of it while also rounding up our favorite reads for the week’s #FreshFriday. Make It A Double (Metro)

One of our fave wellness companies, Dirty Lemon, that specializes in beverages designed to improve your everyday routine just one-upped themselves with the opening of The Drug Store - a non-alcoholic cocktail bar in NYC that focuses on crafting drinks with wellness in mind. With a roaring 20s soda shop vibe, they're serving new health drinks all under 15 calories and with no added sugars. NYC you better add this to your list of bars to hop to before it’s gone as the company is only planning on being there until Labor Day. Praying they pop up in LA next.

Coach(w)ella (Fast Company)

Move over music, wellness is in town and taking over the festival scene. The Wanderlust Festival started in 2009 and has now grown to become one of the biggest wellness festivals with events being held seven times a year all over the country. The festival features yogis, meditation workshops, speakers, chefs, music and all things wellness. With wellness festivals growing 20% annually we can expect to see Wanderlust, and others, become as known and well-attended as Coachella. #WellnessForAll

Nameless (Well+Good)

Better doesn’t have to cost more. Just look at Brandless - the new online health grocery store that launched this week with every item listed at $3. Yep, you read that right. The co-founder & CEO, Tina Sharkey, believes being transparent and efficient is the best way to bring better to everyone because everyone deserves that. Currently, the site is selling a small selection of home, health and kitchen items but already has more items coming soon for purchase. Our shopping cart is already full.

China Does It Again (Vox)

We already are big fans of green energy but now we won’t be the only ones as China just built a solar power plant in the shape of a panda bear to get kids interested in green energy. The power plant may be the first of it’s kind but won’t be the last as they have sketched animal designs for them to be built in 100 locations around the world. If this doesn’t get kids excited about green energy I don’t know what will.

clover Approved (Self)

If you haven’t already come across the viral email chain this week between an employee and CEO regarding her sick day, you want to read this now. A screenshot of an employee's email to her boss is catching praise for requesting time off to replenish her mental health. The shocking part is the boss thanked her for setting an example that our mental health is just as important as your physical health. Team clover couldn’t agree more and may be taking a mental health day ourselves.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover