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#FreshFriday // July 1

The long weekend we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! May the Fourth Of July festivities begin, after catching up on this week's #FreshFriday that is! Miss Teen USA Swaps Swimsuits For Athletic Wear via Popsugar

Starting now, the bikini section of Miss Teen USA will be no more. The famous competition is putting an end to the misconception that young women should be judged based off of how they look in a bathing suit, #hallelujah. Let's hope that this move will inspire other pageants to also consider what they are promoting and rethink their brand competitors. #Athleisure is here to stay.

San Francisco Just Issued The Country's Biggest Ban On Styrofoam via Huffington post

As if the Bay Area couldn't get any cooler, it just did. The city just passed what is being called 'the biggest ban of styrofoam in the country'. Come 2017, styrofoam will be a nuisance of the past. While those itty-bitty popcorn pieces in online shopping  packages can be fun, they are almost impossible for our environment to decompose. Cheers to SF, making it's way towards the goal of having zero waste by 2020!

Avocado Cocktails? Back That Hass Up via Well+Good

Here at cloverPR, merging health and fun is one of our top priorities. You'll find us at local farmers markets or checking out the latest class on classpass. You'll also find us trying out new cocktail recipes, like this #AvocadoCocktail - I mean, does it get better than having your superfood and drinking it too? Watch out Avocado toast, you have some competition.

Have a safe weekend in the sun, friends!

xx, love team clover