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#FreshFriday // July 21

Team clover is cruising into Friday in this little number. We are excited for a classic summer weekend in la la land. Here are our latest picks for this weeks #FreshFriday before we drive off into the sunset. Forget Me Not (CNN)

New research about the Mediterranean Diet, known for its simple, plant-based meals and linked to living a longer healthier life, shows that older adults who followed the diet reduced their risk for dementia by a third. The number is greater than expected and some cases of people who strictly followed the diet saw the risk reduced by 53%. It should be no surprise that eating better, exercising and practicing #selfcare would lead to more life-changing results.

Free Flying  (The Zoe Report)

Word on the street, or should I say runway, is that WOW Airlines recently spoke out about the future of their flights and the potential to offer them for free. While that seems like a far fetched idea they already have incorporated a la carte tickets that leave off all other fees such as baggage, food, and other flying ‘perks.’ The company is even relying on the future of social media to play a part in its pricing knowing that people share their travels with their followers #FreeMarketing. While big time influencers are already flying free, the rest of us may not be far behind them!

Paree To NYC (Well+Good)

France’s favorite cafe is coming to New York City. Wild & The Moon is based on the concept of providing clean food that doesn’t hurt our planet. Plus, with all their gluten free + minimal dairy options, they are everyone's go-to in Paris and Dubai. They offer drinks and bites that are free of refined sugar, additives, GMOs, and soy. They’ve yet to release a date for the city’s opening but you can bet we'll be trying out their golden milk lattes and mushroom tea ASAP.

SoulSucking (New York Times)

The American Journal of Medicine recently highlighted a case of spinning-induced rhabdomyolysis -a rare but life-threatening condition often caused by extreme exercise. A young girl felt severely sick after her first SoulCycle class and was diagnosed with this condition when her muscles were overworked, began to die and leaked their contents into her bloodstream, causing strain her kidneys. Thankfully, all cases of this have been treatable, but it’s a small reminder that no two people are alike and must be cautious of what one's body is capable of when it comes to extreme fitness.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover