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#FreshFriday // July 22

I think we can all agree that this week has been vibing with busy energy... Our team has been all over the country with events and desksides so Friday, you are looking mighty fine. Sit back and enjoy the view of this week's #FreshFriday. This Building In Indonesia Is Taking #Reduce, #Reuse and #Recycle To A Whole New Level...Literally (TreeHuger)

We're big on the 3 R's here at clover PR... we're also big on ice cream. Our two loves just came together and the result is beautiful. A micro-library has been built in the city of Bandung, Indonesia and is made completely out of recycled ice-cream cartons. Visually intriguing and done with a small budget, this is the future. Next time you're having doubts about reaching for that Cashew Milk ice cream, think again...

Crystals For Every Adventure (Chalkboard Mag)

What would an adventure be without some magical crystals, amirite? With the weekend here and summer at it's peak, hop off the grid and let the universe work her magic. If travel is something that scares you, consider these crystals to calm your nerves like you won't believe. And if you need a little extra motivation, check out this week's #girlcrush, who is killing the #unplugged lifestyle.

If  Your Dreams Don't Scare You They Aren't Big Enough (Dream, Girl)

With the election around the corner and the theme of 'woman' being especially big this year, we are obviously fascinated and inspired by some of the incredible things woman are doing in this world for our future. We love everything about the documentary, 'Dream, Girl', which looks at female entrepreneurs and takes girl power to a new level ... take a peek, you won't be sorry.

That's all folks, have a wonderful weekend! Remember to be safe in the sun (may we suggest using Laurel Whole Plant Organics on your skin, a.k.a the power of flowers) while you're at one of these sexy rooftop bars!

xx, team clover