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#FreshFriday // June 24

Guess what? It's Friday! Like you could forget, right? We hope you've had a wonderful week and here's to a fabulous weekend! Welcome to this week's #FreshFriday #MensturalEquality Is Here (Good)

Listen up Ladies, free tampons are here. It was announced yesterday that public schools and homeless shelters in New York will offer free sanitary items in their bathrooms, making it the first city in the US to do this. While this may be a tad TMI, it was a very empowering day for women everywhere.

Stressed? No Worries, There's A Bracelet For That (Elite Daily)

Between FitBit and Apple Watches, it seems wearable tech is the newest trend on the block, and it just got trendier. We all know being a millennial is difficult (apparently we are the most stressed out generation, eek!) and this can do serious harm to our physical and mental well-being. Say hello to Zenta, your stress-monitor bracelet. From monitoring skin temperature to heart rate, this bad boy has your back.

She's Not Just The First Lady, She's A Cool Lady (Telecrunch)

If you add anyone on Snapchat today, let it be Michelle Obama. So far we have had behind the scenes shots from her Carpool Karaoke adventure and her photo shoot with Cosmopolitan. What an ultimate #GirlPower move using this as a medium to communicate with her followers. You can add her at 'michelleobama'.

Peace + Love

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