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#FreshFriday // June 30

Happy Fourth of July weekend! This is the perfect time to reflect on how lucky we are to live in a country where we have the choice to live fresh + forward and for the good. While we were getting all patriotic on you, we also rounded up our favorite picks for the latest #FreshFriday. Safety First (Fast Company)

With the summer heat at an all-time high, it is so important to take care of your skin. Yes, sunscreen isn’t the most fun product, but with the help of BrightGuard, it’s about to be more accessible. The company partnered with 20 non-profits to install free sunscreen dispensers all over the country in hopes to reduce skin damage by 20% in the next eight years. #SelfCare for the win.

Girl Boss (The Cut)

Olympic runner Alysia Montano ran in this week’s Track and Field Nationals… while five months pregnant.Talk about serious #fitspo. Montano says she was motivated after watching the newest movie Wonder Woman and had a special top designed for the race. Let’s just say her maternity photos are far from the usual.

(G)oops (GIZMODO)

goop recently started selling bio-frequency sticker healing packs from a company called Body Vibes that they claimed to be made of the same material as a NASA spacesuit. The stickers are said to rebalance the energy frequencies in our bodies, but NASA is calling BS. This week a representative from NASA’s spacewalk office told the press there is no carbon material used in the suits. goop and Body Vibes have not responded to the matter yet. #CatGotYourToungue?

Save The Best For Last (Fortune)

Millennials take a lot of hits about what they do or don’t do for today’s society, but a recent survey conducted by The Pew found that Millennials are more likely to use public libraries than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. The studies link to previous surveys that have shown Millennials are book lovers and you already know how much we love book club.

Happy Fourth of July + have a safe and great weekend!

xx, team clover