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#FreshFriday // March 10

It's Friday! Which means recharging and the only decisions being made are 'glass or bottle'. Whether it's a bottle of red or a bottle of green (juice), let's take a moment in honour of International Women's Day to remind ourselves how hard we work and how our hustle never goes unnoticed. Let's hear it for the ladies! International Women's Day 2017 (NY Times)

Girl Power is at an all time high right now, so it's not surprising that International Women's Day, which fell on Wednesday this week, was celebrated all around the world. Many women wore red, whilst 56% took the day off work in honour of 'A Day Without Women'. One of the most heart-warming gestures however was the statue placed on Wall Street in NYC of a little girl facing off with the iconic bull that was previously there, showing girls can face anything that stands in front of them. A-MEN.

Is Coffee Actually Good For You? 

But first, coffee. At least for more than 60% of all Americans. While many of us swear by this miracle brew, there are constantly myths surrounding our favorite morning pick me up.  Dr. Dan from FitnessGenes (#ClientLove) was recently featured on Well+Good busting some of the hottest talking points when it comes to coffee. From the quality of beans to caffeine before a workout... Check out the article and find out what caffeine gene you have.

Free Tampons For All

Isn't it crazy to think tampons are still considered a luxury item? 38 states still have tampon tax *mind-blown*. One badass Congresswoman in NYC, that still doesn't think this is good enough, has introduced a Menstrual Equality Act Of 2017 - giving low-income women and women in prisons more financially reasonable access to menstrual care products. #MakePeriodsGreatAgain.

Have a great weekend you badass ladies!

xx, team clover