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#FreshFriday // March 17

'Kiss me, I'm Irish!' Okay, we're not... But it's Friday and it's St Patrick's Day, so kisses all around! We hope you had a great week and stayed warm if you were on the East Coast (and stayed cool if you're in Los Angeles). Before you get into your Guinness and those Irish Car Bombs, check out this week's #FreshFriday. How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Mental Health (MindBodyGreen)

On the topic of this weather, we all know how terrifying the effects of Climate Change are on our planet, and it doesn't stop there. A recent study has said that approximately 250K people will die from Climate Change between 2030-2050. As we learn more about the connection between the human body and the environment, this comes as no surprise. From dangers during pregnancies to an increase in water-related illnesses to a decline in clean air. We're in trouble, folks.

goop's Empire Expands With Wellness Supplements (Well+Good)

We are one step closer to looking like Gwyneth Paltrow (not that we are trying or anything). The actress slash Wellness Guru has just come out with a line of supplements created by certified Doctors under the 'goop' name. The names of the products are somewhat relatable, ranging from 'Why The Eff Am I So Tired' to 'High School Genes'. So how much will these Gwyn approved pills set you back? They are retailed for $240 for every 3-month period. Worth it? Stay tuned whilst we experience.

Your New Favorite App Is The Uber Of Fitness (PYMNTS)

Life without Uber. The world's shortest horror story. Remember the days? Let's not. The Uber of the Fitness world has just hit your app store and we couldn't be more excited to back this sick brand. SwitchFit is the app that will actually help you get that Summer Body you have been trying to get since 2011. With their #nocommitment model, you simply just sign onto the app, purchase your fave studio class and get an ass kicking workout from gyms all around the city with no strings attached. #WorkoutsWithBennefits some may say.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover