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#FreshFriday // May 19

Not only is it Friday, but this weather (in LA and NYC!) is giving us a taste of summer and we have zero complaints. This week’s #FreshFriday has all the goods you need to know about before your fun in the sun! Sleepover! (Guest of a Guest)

The famous restaurant, Nobu, which is located on just about every corner of the globe, has just opened a new luxury hotel on the same property as its famed Malibu location called Nobu Ryokan. Having your sushi and eating it too is an understatement with this gorgeous endeavor. Sitting pretty on PCH, it has a minimal vibe and a mix of Japanese culture with a side of California casual... Before we get your hopes up we have to add in that is has a two-night minimum stay starting at $2,000 per night in peak seasons. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

All For One And One For All (Teen Vogue)

Liberated People, a popular lifestyle brand, has partnered with activist Michaela angela Davis and Planned Parenthood on a campaign called “Liberated Woman.” It highlights women of color and fights back against the recent attacks on reproductive health care. They launched on Mother’s Day with super cute tee’s that say “Liberated Woman” representative of females everywhere resisting the current government. Planned Parenthood predominantly provides services for women of color and of different ethnicities, and if they lose funding many women will suffer. Support the cause here!

Go Veg Or Go Home (The New York Times)

Red meat seems to constantly get a bad rep, and now a new study is showing there are nine diseases linked to eating high amounts of it. An observational study found that people who eat more red meat had a 26 percent increased risk of death from cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes, infections, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease and liver disease. While these are not directly proven, it’s important to note while making nutritional decisions... Living in a society that focuses so much on diet and fitness is definitely a plus for generations to come. It’s possible that we will start seeing people living a lot longer because of the increased desire for #selfcare!

Cold vs Science (Well+Good)

While some of us are enjoying the sun this weekend, some will undoubtedly be fighting off springtime colds. It’s common to catch something when seasons change. Luckily there is a new remedy to try - zinc! A study done by researchers at the University of Helsinki found that colds were reduced by 40 percent when participants took a zinc lozenge vs a placebo. Zinc is in a lot of the foods we eat such as spinach, flax + pumpkin seeds, beef and kidney beans but the amount you need to fight off a cold is easily taken in one supplement. The common cold has no true cure, so enjoy your downtime while recharging your body.


Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover