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#FreshFriday // November 10

"If we stand together despite our differences, our best days are yet to come..." It's been a tough week, but it's about where we go from here. Time to be open minded, kind and spread love. We are the future, and now it's Friday so it's time to roll into the weekend with acceptance and Renew Juicery's Nut Nog! Warning: so delicious it may cause serious happiness.

We're About To Experience A Record Breaking Supermoon (Science Alert)

Pencil in a date night or a wine and cheese with the gals on November 14 because a record-breaking supermoon is about to hit our skies. The moon is set to look the biggest it's looked in the past seven decades, and it won't come this close to Earth again until 2034. Be sure to get somewhere away from city lights so you can see our beautiful moon up close and personal. #PlanTheGram

Instagram Just Rolled Out 3 Brand New Features (Refinery29)

Whether you are still a loyal Snapchater or have jumped on the Instagram Story bandwagon, we have some updates for you. While these little changes Instagram makes really cramp our style sometimes, we are totally digging the three brand new features they just rolled out. We can now 'Boomerang' on our Instagram Story and send individual pictures to people (similar to that of Snapchat). Another feature is offering 'links' for people to share with the world. However, this is only going to be available to the elite whilst in the beta stage, hint hint Taylor Swift + Beyonce.

Night Circle's Are The New Girl's Nights Out (Well+Good)

Move over alcohol and nasty hangovers, night circles are about to be the newest #GNO. What exactly is a night circle you may ask? A time when females come together to discuss dreams, set intentions and goals and share creative work in a non-judgemental environment. A perfect time to catch up with friends while really diving into mindfulness and reflection. Get planning, here's how you do it.

We hope you have a great weekend and be sure to add some peanut butter to your life, because after all that really does make everything better.

xx, team clover