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We don’t call if #FreshFriday for nothing. Team clover has had quite the past couple weeks hosting events and photo shoots for our fabulous clients, but it’s time for some serious R&R this weekend. Before we “fall” onto the couch, the latest #FreshFriday is live with our favorite reads from the week.Go Green Or Go Home (Mind Body Green)

It’s no surprise that we are living in a greener world but now giant brands are also getting involved. Unilever, who owns brands such as St. Ives, Dove, and Vaseline just created ApotheCARE Essentials. A hair and body care line with the help of nature + science. All products are infused with plant extracts including willow bark, almond oil and rosemary. While this may be a small step for Unilever in wellness it creates a big conversation between other large scale companies. The best part of all, ApotheCARE will be available at local drugstores for under $15.

Baby I Can See Your Halo (Guest Of A Guest)

Halo Top, the low-calorie ice cream even us health junkies love, is one-upping itself and opening their first ice cream shop in none other than sunny SoCal. Not only will the sweet spot offer all 7 of their beloved flavors, they will also have soft serve and four new varieties of the ice cream. To top it off (with a cherry, of course) they will be giving away free ice cream all day on November 15 at the Westfield Topanga Mall.

#EarthCare (Eco Watch)

This past September,  the ozone hole was measured at its widest extent for the year and came in as being smaller than it has been since 1988. The ozone shield in Earth's stratosphere is important because it helps absorb the sun's dangerous ultraviolet radiation, which can skin cancer and other problems. Although we have all made efforts to reduce our toxins, NASA reports the decline in size was most likely due to warmer temperatures. The Ozone hole is still too large due to harmful chemicals in the environment but it’s only a matter of time before #selfcare includes our earth.

Ditch The Gym (The New Yorker)

We all love being healthy and having summer bodies all year long, but if you could have all that without ever stepping foot in a workout class or gym, would you? Scientist have created a drug called GW501516 (516 for short) that has all the beneficial effects of exercise without the need to move a muscle. With gene manipulation and mimicking the messaging can be used to affect one’s endurance. The concept of 516 started in the 90’s and is still being worked on in laboratories today to make it less toxic. However, although 516 has not been approved as a drug and prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, plenty of people are taking it. I think we will continue to get our sweat on the natural way.  

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover