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#FreshFriday // November 4

Happy November, friends! We hope all the sugar from Halloween is out of your system and you are ready for a fun weekend. Kick off the weekend with this week's #FreshFriday and these fall cocktails (as it's never too early to begin the holiday season). Muggles Rejoice, Harry Potter Yoga Exists (Well+Good)

So while some of us are still waiting for our letter to Hogwarts, the muggles of the world have put a pretty magical spin on one yoga class in Austin, TX. The attendees, nicknamed 'Dumbledore's Army,' perform a range of poses from The Whomping Willow (tree pose) to Slytherin Pose (cobra). The class ends with a small reading from one of the books, butter beer and a potion station. Who needs NamasDrake when you can channel your inner Hermione Granger for 60 minutes?

Danger Alert: Amazon Just Launched 'Black Friday' 3 Weeks Early (Byrdie)

Ah, the holidays, a relaxing and peaceful time of year for some, and for others the sound of 'move please I need those boots' bounces off the walls much too often. Lucky for some, online megastore, Amazon, has started Black Friday (aka the world's deadliest best sale ever) approx 3 weeks early. Start your shopping early so you aren't in a mad rush come December. P.S. - read this if you need some help on how to stay stress-free during the holidays.

3 Words: Cookie Dough Beer (Thrillist)

We're sensing a beer theme throughout our #FreshFridays, but this one's too good not to share. Our fav indulgent ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry's, has stolen our hearts once more with their newest creation: beer. Gone are the days where you actually have to have ice cream AND beer on a Sunday night. The collab is here, and it's brilliant. The best part is is that all the proceeds go straight to charity. #NoGuilt!

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover