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Not only is it Friday, but Friday the 13th… in October. Spooky much? If you’re feeling superstitious today, don’t worry - we’re sending out all the good vibes. On top of that, we found all the good reads for this week’s #FreshFriday! A City Life For Me (The Guardian)

Oxford University just published a study that found inner-city living leads to healthier, happier people. When thinking about human well-being, it makes sense that walking more and socializing would increase one’s happiness and health. The city tends to get a bad rap for being crowded and loud, but iit produces more physical and mental benefits than in sprawled out communities and suburbia that tend to have more obesity and the lower rates of exercise. Authors of the study hope that this encourages politicians to promote the benefits of built-up city living and transportation. We won’t be moving anytime soon!

No Name, No Problem (Refinery29)

Earlier this year we introduced you to Brandless, a thoughtful selection of food and household products you reach for every day, all for $3. The company just launched a beauty line for all your daily needs. The line has a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, body wash, shaving gel, body lotion and facial cleanser. You can literally buy the entire line for $21. We are excited to continue to follow this brand as they bring more affordable products to fruition.

Doctor’s Orders (Mind Body Green)

We’ve been flooded with the updates since Amazon acquired Whole Foods this year. Now, the online giant might be making plans to take on the prescription drug space which is valued at $560 billion. By Thanksgiving, we will know if Amazon will be selling and shipping our prescriptions. Their goal is to make the entire drug industry more transparent starting with costs for consumers, which we fully support!

Make Room Amazon (Well+Good)

Costco has two new grocery services that will be delivering non-perishable items within a two-day window with free shipping for orders more than $75. For 376 lucky unknown locations, there’s a bonus service that offers around 2,000 fresh and perishable items available for same-day delivery. Costco’s goal is to focus on price rather than Amazon’s convenience. Those are all details known thus far but we will keep you updated if any other grocers hop on the bandwagon.

Have a good weekend!

xx, team clover