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#FreshFriday // October 7

What do we love more than Friday itself? #FreshFriday. If you're new to our social channels, then welcome. These posts round up some of the stories we couldn't stop reading and sharing this week. Enjoy! The Protein Bubble That Is Destroying The Planet (FastCompany)

Have we officially warmed the earth beyond repair? The Alaskan glaciers are losing 20 billion tons of ice annually, and with the world's reliance of factory-farmed livestock some sad statistics are surfacing. Intensive livestock production (a.k.a farming animals to eat) produces incredibly harmful levels of emissions and pollutants. Continuing to eat meat at the rate we are will lead to serious climate consequences, as food production could account for half the world's carbon budget within three decades. #HailToTheKale

Back To School (ID Vice)

If there were ever a class we knew we would ace this would be it. The University of Texas at San Antonio is offering students a chance to study Queen B. The class aims to focus on heartbreak, race, African spirituality, national history, the roles of women, contemporary American life and the intersections between race and feminism.  This 'Lemonade' syllabus aims to get people involved and interested in these relevant topics in modern society. Sign us up?

Social Media, It's A Trap (Elle)

The picture perfect Instagram life - something our society has crafted as an ideal we should strive towards. As we're finding out though, there is more than meets the eye and we can't judge a book by it's cover. Louise Delage seemed like she had the perfect Instagram life, but between the 59K followers and an abundance of photos partying on yachts in Europe there was a dark warning sign. The Instagram was created by an ad agency to raise awareness about alcohol addiction and how easy it is to look past it in the ones you love. Looking closer at the *dreamy* vacation photos, you can see alcohol in every image, and the idea of a lonely girl with an addiction. Pretty powerful campaign and also an amazing reminder that it can be right in front of our eyes.

Have an amazing weekend! xx, team clover