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#FreshFriday // September 23

Ommm! We attract what we are ready for, and Friday, we are ready for you. Here are some of the freshest stories of the week for you to enjoy. Happy Friday! #ManifestYourDreams This School Replaced Detention With Meditation (Upworthy)

When a kid at school does something wrong the first thought is usually to send them to detention, however is that always the smartest decision? An elementary school in Baltimore has developed the mindful meditation room where children are encouraged to deep breathe, re-center and talk through what happened. The room is also filled with lamps, plush pillows, and decorations. Scientifically speaking, mindfulness can improve attention span, focus and help children develop a mental armor. Sounds a lot better than detention in our day!

Senate Holds Hearing For Cosmetic Safety (Yahoo)

A hearing was held on Thursday morning to discuss the practices involved with cosmetic safety. The FDA currently have no authority to confirm or review the ingredients in our cosmetics and fragrances before they enter the market (uh oh). They also have no authority to remove products from the market. This bill has not been updated since 1938, so it's about time the cosmetic industry had a good looking at.

It's Officially Fall And Pumpkin Spice Season Is Already OOC (Betches)

You either love it or you hate it, but let's face it, it is here. From toothpaste to, wait for it... tampons - here's a list of the craziest pumpkin spiced flavored things. All in favor of a pumpkin spice flavored life, here are some wonderfully looking holiday recipes.

Have a great weekend - if you're in LA be sure to check out Free Museum Day and if you're in NY you have to hit up this latest wellness craze, Higher Dose. xx, team clover