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#FreshFriday // September 9

You know you have woken up on the right side of the bed when you can't stop singing the Rebecca Black anthem, 'Friday'. Our fave day is here, no further comment necessary (except for of course this week's #FreshFriday). From Trash To Fash (Who What Wear)

All hail this Brooklyn-based designer. Cara Piazza has been working with local florists, restaurants and bridal parties and to take unused flowers and make them into clothing. As we all know, flowers don't have the longest shelf life so Cara takes 'flower waste' to make one-of-a kind, eco-friendly textiles. Synthetic dyes and dye houses pollute like you wouldn't believe and contain a whole range of nasty chemicals and toxins. Check out her Instagram in the link #GoodTrend

Apple. Game changers, yet again (Engadget)

Apple releases their new iPhone 7 in a few weeks, and naturally, the internet has freaked. From the waterproof feature to it's cordless headphones, is there anything Apple can't do? We are also totally digging their new Apple Watch, which includes the Sweat With Kayla app. Word on the street is that they are thinking of adding Pokemon-Go to the watch too. Yay or Nay?

Vegan Cheese Is About To Go Mainstream (Well+Good)

Let's roll out the red carpet because vegan cheese is about to get the love it deserves. Some serious ch-ching has been invested into multiple vegan dairy brands, which means we will be seeing them much more prominently in supermarkets. Think yoghurt aisles, pizza aisles and of course, cheese aisles. With vegan dairy being easier to digest and packed with nutrients (not to mention they taste ah-mazing) this transformation is a yes from us.

Whether you are ready for the colder months and can't get enough of these chai recipes or are still living in summer vacay denial (check out these great SouthWest deals) we hope you have a great weekend!

xx, team clover