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#FreshFridays // June 3

Happy Friday! We hope you are feeling a little more rejuvenated after the 4-day week. Spending your Friday playing catch-up on this week's stories? Let us kick off your round-up with this week's #FreshFriday!  

The Queen Of Talk Show Is Coming To A Supermarket Near You (NY Daily News)

You may have heard the name 'Oprah' once or twice before, but prepare to see it a lot more as Oprah has extended her reign to the kitchen. The talk show host is coming out with a line of regular supermarket foods to compliment the massively popular recipes in her O magazine. We can only assume that this brand will have some sort of Humanitarian benefit. You go, Oprah!


On Top Of Being Amazing For The Soul, Yoga Is Also Good For The Brain (The New York Times)

According to new studies done by researchers at UCLA, people with signs of early onset Alzheimer's can strengthen and pro-long age-related mental issues. Read on to see how practicing yoga can keep your mind sharp and strong for many years to come. Bonus: Prince William does yoga, and in white jeans.


What is Aquafaba, And Why Do We Keep Seeing It Everywhere? (Bon Apetit)

Aqua-what? This ingredient has been popping up left, right and center in the vegan world this past week. Aquafaba is the goop, for lack of a better word, that comes from your chickpeas that you usually toss right down the drain. What you didn't know is that this is an excellent alternative for egg whites. Hello, airy meringues and whiskey sours. Chefs at popular vegan restaurants like Gracias Madre and Cafe Gratitude have incorporated aqafaba into their foods and aren't looking back!


Much love, friends!

xx, team clover