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FreshFridays // May 20

Happy Friday people. TGIF and all of that. This weekend marks the last 'official' weekend before summer. How is this year flying by so fast? Let's remain calm and review some cool stories from this past week. We Are Using Technology, We Can't Let Technology Use Us (Well+Good)

While we all enjoy Snapping our social lives and Instagram-ing our food, the hyper-reality of it all is a phenomenon that is becoming way too real. Science shows that receiving attention on social media (hey 11+ likes) stimulates a dopamine surge. Another thing that stimulates this surge? Cocaine. Read on to see how you can disconnect and not stay mentally healthy. #LiveInTheMoment

All About Changing The Way We Look At Things (Racked)

Students at the Fashion Institute Of Technology in NYC proved that fashion can both be stylish and functional for people with disabilities. The main goal was to make woman with disabilities feel beautiful, confident and show off their personalities. This is the future <3

Out Of This World: Astrological Farming Is Here (Telegraph)

The whole idea of astrological farming has been around since the 1920s but this week the topic of astrologically farmed eggs is everywhere. You've probably guessed, but astrological farming has to do with planting seeds in relation to the full moon's cycle. While the nutrition value is the same, it is said that they are more flavorful and better for Mother Earth! Win win!

Remember today is #RideYourBikeToWorkDay  - if you don't get around to doing it today, take a ride this weekend!

xx, team clover