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#FreshFriday // July 29

Friday, Friyay, Fryday? Who knows, but happy to be here! Before you go off and enjoy a weekend of fun in the sun (and maybe these cocktails), let us embark on some of this week's top stories. Remember The #ALSIceBucketChallenge?... (The Guardian)

... Well, it actually worked. Researchers have said that the $100 million raised by the countless amounts of Instagrams, Vines and Tweets of people quite literally throwing ice water on themselves has helped to identify a new gene associated with the disease. The discovery is significant as it could help determine a cure to the disease. You know we love genes (and jeans) around here, so we couldn't be happier to hear this news.

How To Be Happy As Larry, According To Your Star-sign (Well+Good)

We are pretty tapped into our astrological signs, and we may or may not look forward to Mondays just for a brand new weekly horoscope. So, did you know that your star-sign can have an impact on your happiness? "Happiness really comes from your sense of purpose", and since there is no one-size-fits-all, these long and short term picks may help you reach your peak.

Bye Bye Coconut Water, Hello Cockroach Milk? (Women's Health)

Get your new superfood alerts here first, folks! Researchers have found a certain species of the cockroach in the Pacific that gives birth and then feeds the young with protein milk crystals made from the gut. Researchers have found that this substance is high in amino acids, carbs and healthy fats. However, before you go adding this to your protein shake, they are continuing to investigate (phew) to make sure it is 100% non-toxic.

Sending love and light!

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