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January 13 // #FreshFriday

2017. New year, same us. Which means even more #FreshFriday blog posts and rockstar clients who are serious movers and shakers in the health and wellness space. We hope you have enjoyed the first few weeks of the new year, and stuck to your resolutions (or not). Happy #Friday! Obama Overtakes Roosevelt As The Most Environmentally Friendly President (BBC)

On Tuesday, Barack Obama delivered his last speech. From those personal messages to Michelle Obama and Joe Bien from the reminders to always have hope, just try listening to that speech without tearing up. While we will remember Obama for many things, his conservation legacy will always be remembered. He added an additional 22 National Parks to our country and placed 548 million acres of land under national protection, exceeding Teddy Roosevelt's 290 million acres which previously held the #1 spot. Obama has set the bar high, let's only hope environmental protection keeps growing from here. #punny

Remarkable Week For The Transgender Community (The Cut)

During the Golden Globes last week, L'Oreal showcased a new their ad for their True Match campaign. A campaign which, like the product itself, has 33 different models with different skin tones. Amongst those 33 models was Hari Nef, a transgender model testing the traditional and outdated 'rules' of the beauty industry. Additionally, Denmark became the first country to declassify 'transgender' as a mental disorder, separating it from any negative connotations. It's only up from here people. Yeah, #2017!

The Latest From Oregon: Downward Goat Is The New Downward Dog (The Washington Post)

Albany, Oregon: where magical things happen... like goat yoga (and no, you did not read wrong). Lainey Morse, owner of the picturesque 'No Regrets Farm,' feels that  “animals are known to have so many health benefits for humans, so the mix of goats and yoga seemed to fit.” These outdoor yoga classes are $10 and the 4-legged friend nuzzling your face during your savasana is free. Priceless.

Have a great weekend! xx, team clover