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January 27 // #FreshFriday

Happy Friday! We are happy to see you, as per usual, and we hate to cheat on you, but we have just discovered this avocado hummus bowl recipe, and you know how much we love avocados...We won't judge you today if you make this before you read our weekly #FreshFriday. Climate Change Has The Potential To Change Our Dinner Plates Completely (Food Dive)

Climate change scientists have reported that some of the most important (and tastiest) crops in the U.S, including corn, wheat and soybeans are under high risk due to increasing climate change. Wheat harvests could be down 20%, while soybeans at 40% and corn at 50%! Unless you are happy with saying #ByeFelicia to your summer corn on the cobb, let's continue to use our voices and fight to decrease climate change. Check out what you can do HERE. 

Zen Living // The Next Wave Of High-Vibe Living Is Here (Mind Body Green)

Here at clover PR we're pretty into wellness. Talk to us about a wellness trend that we haven't tried. We're super excited about this new high-trend, geodes. Geodes are grounding reminders of nature's power, they vibrate at a higher frequency which gravitate towards the weaker cells in our bodies. Their formation is b-e-a-utiful, and we would highly recommend adding stones into your life and daily ritual. After all, property developers are focusing on creating a lot more wellness and zen like homes #OnTrend

Rainbow Lattes, As If Your Latte Wasn't Already Amazing (Well+Good)

New York is always a good idea, but this funky new cafe in Chinatown makes it an even better idea. From activated charcoal to blue algae lattes, we are slightly jealous of our team in New York. With strong influences from Chinese medicine and Australian espresso bars, we think these guys may be on to something. Oh, and they serve oat milk in addition to all of your other dairy free mylks, and have a wicked selection of raw/GF/vegan food to offer!

Have a great weekend! xx, team clover