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Living Wholly Event // Connect + Attune + Inspire

From Kombucha samples to barefoot performers, Living Wholly's launch was most definitely a wellness event that left you feeling inspired, motivated and refreshed.

A little background on Living Wholly... The brand was created by Jenny Castro, who became committed to living a life of wellness after a health scare. Unlike anything you have seen before, Living Wholly, specializes in events that raise awareness to conscious living, and since staying in is the new going out, this has done incredibly well. They also have a drool-worthy E-commerce collection, which includes organic, biodynamic and unique lifestyle brands. Who knew sipping on your Moon Juice Latte whilst in Oklahoma could be so easy? In addition to this, they have partered with 'Global Fund For Woman', a non-profit in San Francisco that supports woman all over the world. The company has raised over 6.5 million dollars to benefit women in 68 different countries, and has no sign of slowing down. #THEFUTUREISFEMALE.

The event took place at the Parachute Hotel in Venice on Thursday of last week, directly following International Women's Day, which boasted thousands of social media images as well as the universal #DayWithoutWomen, making the hashtag of the night, #BuildMovementsNotWalls very fitting. Guests arrived and were greeted with mouth-watering organic bites + nibbles accompanied by kombucha and wine. The balcony overlooked Rose Avenue and perfectly situated at the center for all to enjoy, a Living Wholly pop-up boutique featuring LA local ZENBUNNI organic chocolate treats. Captivating the ear drums of each guest, Radha performed an acoustic set as the live entertainment for the evening.

The main event of the night was the Living Wholly's Expert's Collective live panel. The panel was made up of Gabriella TaylorAshley Turner and Elissa Goodman. Each woman took a moment to introduce themselves and shared a glimpse into their lives by telling a snippet of their stories. I'd be surprised if there were a dry eye in the house after hearing these graceful and empowering women speak. Their determination, strength and motivation to build a better life for themselves and people around them was inspiring. The stories were particularly moving and relatable; whether it be family illness, mental health, sexual abuse or addiction. Right now, women are constantly trying to figure out how we can help this current situation we are in, making this experience incredibly beautiful to witness surrounded by such like-minded souls, fighting for equality and fundamental rights. There is peace in knowing that we have support from each other during a pretty-scary time for woman's healthcare.

Building walls is so WW2, let's build movements instead. Thank you, Living Wholly for a fantastic evening. This night made me proud to be a lady.

xx, team clover