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“clover PR has a great eye for amazing on-brand wellness clients and, as a result, they are on the pulse for what matters to beauty, health and fitness editors. They are up on the trends and are actual fans of the wellness space, which make their pitches on the mark. When they’re in town in New York City, this is one desk side I always make time to take.”

— Mary Anderson—

Deputy Editor at SHAPE Magazine

“As a journalist I've had a lot of experience with PR companies. clover PR is exceptional and has always been a pleasure to work with. They're smart, professional and go above and beyond. I couldn't recommend them more highly.”

— Anahad O'Connor—

Wellness Reporter at The NY Times

“I can't say enough about how hard working, knowledgable and organized the girls over at clover PR are. We really enjoyed working with them and they delivered on all of their promises and more. Even after our contract has ended the girls have reached out with connections and PR/marketing opportunities. Once you work with Alana and Heather they are forever on your team cheering you and your brand on.  

— Brooke Rewa—

Founder of Renew Juicery

"I love working with clover PR. They are attentive, intelligent, creative, and thoughtful. They put their client's needs first while they have secured many top-tier placements for us, the best aspect about working with them is that I trust them. They don't sugarcoat or bs, so when I ask their advice or opinion, I know it's genuine."

— Jam Leonard—

Co-Creator of Blossom Ateleier

“I love working with the team at clover PR because they just get it. They've made an effort to understand the nuances of the many publications I've written for over the years, and their pitches are always totally relevant to my needs. They realize the importance of cultivating a real, in-person relationship with me, rather than just blasting me with incessant emails and hoping I'll take notice. They've carved a niche for themselves in the beauty and wellness space, and I know that whenever they bring a client my way, it's going to be one worth knowing about. I couldn't recommend them more highly!”

Erin Magner

West Coast Editor at Well + Good

"Working with clover has truly been the best PR experience we have had & I honestly can’t say enough good things about the team, the experience and the results. The outreach is expertly tailored and written and we have received our strongest and most meaningful placements since we started working together. Our relationship with clover and how they have impacted our brand, helped with strategy, streamlined our message and generated visibility and interest has been priceless. We have worked with other firms with some degree of satisfaction but nothing can compare to working with clover. This relationship is integral to our brand and to our growth on every level.”

— Anne Nelson Sanford—

Founder of LURKbeauty

“I receive dozens of pitch emails a week. Many I don’t even open. I always respond to clover PR: they know my interests, know what will intrigue me… they’re a great source for excellent stories.”

Jeff Haden

Contributing Editor at