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Find Joy Amongst the Chaos and Overcome Anxiety

Some say that overwhelming feeling of stress is simply a mind game. How does one cope day in and day out with emails, texts, job stress, family life and all the other things that add up as you create your mark in this world? There is no doubt that it is easy to get consumed in the jumble of what’s going on today and the anxious anticipation of the future, yet with a buzzing world around us it is important to be able to step back and lean on our rituals to help us stay in the now.

Here are a few holistic remedies to try to combat the feeling of anxiety and live in the meow:

Movement: Make your lunch a productive one! Consider incorporating intentional movement into your daily routine such as swimming, outdoor walking, yoga, tai chi. Physical exercise allows for your body to respond to stress in a different way by releasing endorphins, making you feel happier and healthier.

Nature: There is something so beautiful about being in creation amongst the organic + living. Focus on the sounds, smell and the beauty of nature as you escape your problems and ground your soul. Our latest nature crave – hiking at Hermit Falls in the San Gabriel Valley or laying on the beach soaking up the sunshine with the wave as our soundtrack.

Breathing: What a powerful and overlooked tool. Deep breaths while focusing on filling your lungs with positivity and exhaling any stress or negativity can work wonders on your mental state. Practice this daily, especially at times of high stress, to help bring you back to your center. Add essential oils, like our favorite ESYM portable essential oil pods to enhance this experience.

Self Care: Lastly, don’t forget about nurturing yourself. In this crazy thing we call life, it is important not to forget the impact self-care has on our chi. Take care of yourself by developing a routine, whether that is lathering yourself in your favorite moisturizer before bed, taking a nightly bubble bath like our favorite lifestyle blogger Dawn McCoy or journaling at the beginning of each day and sharing what your grateful for.

To put forth your best self, you must not forget about yourself. How will you nurture yourself in the future to help keep stress at bay and enjoy the moment?