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#FreshFriday // July 14

Oh, Friday... may we kiss you? We were especially tickled with these stories this week so we wanted to spread the love and share them with you. Before we start we want to send our love to Nice, France. Thinking and praying for everyone affected by yesterday's tragedy. Enjoy this week's #FreshFriday: The First Step To Take On Your Road To Fitness Is Knowing Your DNA (Inc.)

You're unique, and your workouts should be too. Before you embark on trying the next fitness fad, you may want to try spitting in a tube and letting the scientists at FitnessGenes (#clientlove) determine what fitness and nutrition plans will work best for YOU. P.S. They also test how many lattes are right for you - check it out in The New York Times!

The Sound Of Sweet Sweet Silence Can Benefit The Brain (NY Mag)

There is something nice about the fabulous soundtrack that is silence. New studies show that 2 hours of silence a day can prompt cell development in the hippocampus, the brain region associated with memory and sense. Pass the earplugs!

Alert: This Is One Workout You Are Not Gonna Want To Miss (MindBodyGreen)

Bye Bye Netflix and Chill, Hello Netflix and Workout. Shape House is an urban sweat lodge in Los Angeles where you can watch anything on Netflix, Hulu or HBO:Go whilst detoxing. The catch? 160-degree heat. From the group classes to the private time at the end, you are quite literally a sweaty #zenburrito as this notion aims to flush out toxins and provide euphoric high.

What The Heck Is Pokemon:Go? (NME)

Please note that before we get into this post, everyone at clover PR is just as confused as you are. The new app literally makes you chase Pokemon around. Sound interesting? We didn't think so. The app is already more popular than Tinder and the average person spends about 43 minutes a day on the app. Is it 2016 or 2004?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Enjoy the sun and enjoy this watermelon pizza (yep, you heard correctly)

xx, team clover