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#FreshFriday // April 28

Oh Friday, it is so nice to see you again. This week team clover has been indulging in all things wellness, including attending an amazing Alo Yoga + Sakara Life event in Beverly Hills where we sweated it out on a rooftop like a celebrity, and snacked on delicious bites. Can you say G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S? So when your done reading this week's #FreshFriday make sure to check them out for your own taste of the action. Move Over Lance Armstrong (Well + Good)

More than 70% percent of travelers struggle to maintain their healthy lifestyle on the road. Need a quick cycle before you hit the pool or a meeting? Well now you can, at the convenience of your own "WestinWorkout" room. Westin Hotels & Resorts have partnered up with Peloton to bring your fave spin class right to your hotel room. The new rooms are available in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Boston, Tampa Bay, and Richmond, VA. We know where our next stay will be. #w(sp)inning

Beary Sweet (The Chalkboard)

Sugarfina, LA's personal candy shop, known for their champagne gummy bears just one-upped themselves with their latest creation. Wait for it...  Green Juice gummy bears, that were inspired from LA's favorite juice shop Pressed Juicery. These yummy little guys come in a bottle that replicates their iconic drinks. La la land never lets us down.

Going, Going, Green! (eco)

It's the 21 century and green is the new black. From the cars we drive, and now to the internet sites we browse we can be environmentally friendly at all times. .eco is the newest top-level web domain (address ending) for those who are committed to positive change for the planet. Ok, so the domain itself doesn't help the planet but the pledge a company has to take to sustain the domain does. People, businesses, governments, and non-profits can all signup for this new domain and we encourage this as a step towards a more environmentally conscious interweb.

They Did What? (Business Insider)

Children's Hospital Philidelphia researchers are in the process of testing if newborn life can grow outside of a mother's womb (of course not with real babies). This test started with creating an artificial womb for lamb fetus' that were born prematurely. They called these sacks 'home' for four weeks while data was collected in hopes to one day be able to help premature babies develop further.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover

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