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#FreshFriday // August 18

Heck yeah, it is! This week slipped right out from under us, but hey, we aren’t complaining. We’re getting our weekend vibes ready and leaving you with our favorite picks in this week’s #FreshFriday! And The Winner Is (SELF)

The president of Reebok recently sent a letter to the Academy stating that there should be a category for Best Fitness Trainer. The reasoning is logical and we support it. Each year famous actors and actresses are put through intense training to alter their bodies for a specific role that wouldn’t be portrayed the same if they didn’t transform. While the actors are recognized for their work the trainer behind their success goes unknown. There are still some major details that have to be questioned like, “how do you judge the winners?”, but we will be standing by to see if this comes to fruition. #StayTuned

Ladies, This One’s For You (Refinery29)

The new startup, Cargo, plans to bring all possible necessities to the backseat of your ride. Cargo is a service within a car service that allows drivers working for companies like Uber, Lyft, Juno, or Via the opportunity to offer a variety of items to their riders with all products costing under $5.00. Just think, when you are heading out on a date you can purchase gum or mints, and even a much-needed Advil when your Ubering home after a long night out. Now, ladies, this one's for you... they have plans to offer free green tea face masks complimentary of Leaders. Did someone say mobile spa?

Anti Anti-Aging (Allure)

We are big supporters of Vitamin C and rejuvenation treatments to help with noticeable aging, but that doesn’t mean we are ashamed of this graceful process. Allure announced this week that they would no longer use the term anti-aging and we will too! Aging is inevitable, but being negative is not. The act of mindful speech, in fact, has positive effects on how we age mentally and physically. Beauty has no definition or age limit, so three cheers to Allure for being fresh forward and for the good!

Le Refuge (Guest Of A Guest)

The Beverly Hills Hotel just received a piece of artwork from Parisian artist Marc Ange. And yes, you can even lie down on this masterpiece to snap the perfect pic for your IG feed. The dusty pink daybed with metal palm trees attached was featured in the spring during design week. While it looks and feels right at home in our favorite pink palace it will only be on display until August 23rd.

Have a great weekend!

xx, team clover