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#FreshFriday // December 8

Woke up this morning with so much weekend excitement that Rebecca Black's 'Friday' was bouncing off the office walls. While this song choice is questionable, we can't sweat the small stuff when there is a brand new #FreshFriday to read. Happy end of the week, friends! Orange Wine Is A Thing (The Independent)

It wouldn't be Friday without a little vino, #amirite? Hit your local mart and see if they have 'orange wine', because apparently, this is something we are about to see a lot more of. Described as having the freshness of white and the richness of red, orange wine (also known as the fourth wine) is a little more nutty and fruity in flavor. So grab a bottle and be that trendsetter at your Friday whine & wine sesh.

Instagram And Facebook Are Becoming More And More Similar (AdWeek)

Noticed something different on your Instagram account this week? Instagram has implemented a 'liking' feature, in order to (hopefully) boost engagement and curb abuse. So let your witty comments roll as they are about to get the recognition they deserve. Additionally, they have created an option to turn off commenting, as well as a few other features to increase the safe and supportive community that is the Gram.

"Life Is Not Black And White, I'm Just Like Her" (Refinery29)

When you want things to change, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. This is what fashion model, Entrenepur and ultimate badass Deddah Howard did. Tired of the lack of African-American models featured in fashion campaigns, she decided to recreate some massive Ad's to raise awareness about this. She super-imposed herself into advertisement's like Guess and Calvin Klein to emphasize that brands are still overwhelmingly using white models. Huge reminder that the industry still has a long way to go, so remember that next time you look at up these 'perfect' models (hint: VS Fashion Show that aired this week). Check out the full collection HERE. #BlackModelsMatter

Plans this weekend? Hitting holiday parties the healthy way and starting to make New Years Resolutions? Yes and Yes. Check out some of the fitness classes in the country accordingly to YELP and how to enjoy the silly season the Ayurvedic way.

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