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#FreshFriday // February 17

Kick off your heels (or put your heels on) because it's Friday, baby! We know, we know, you don't really need a reminder - but we love putting our enthusiasm into a couple of sentences for you every Friday. Dance (or cuddle) into the weekend this week's #FreshFriday. Later, Almond Milk. Camel Milk Is The New Go-To (NPR)

Just when you were getting used to spending that additional 60c for almond milk in your latte... India's largest dairy brand is about to begin marketing camel milk. Camel milk is seen as a 'cure-for-all', and the milk will be predominantly targetted towards people with Type1 diabetes, as it regulates insulin secretion and blood sugar levels. It doesn't stop at Camel Milk, which by the way apparently tastes like 'gamey-butter' (whatever that would taste like), talks of chocolate milk and bath soaps are in the works too. Talk about a #HumpDayTreat.

Nike's New 'Equality' Campain Is Incredibly Moving (The Cut)

Debuted at The Grammys this past weekend, Nike's new 'Equality' campaign was directed by Melina Matsoukas (who frequently collabs with Beyonce) and featured Lebron James, Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas, Alicia Keys and Michael Jordan. The title of the campaign, ' A Change Is Gonna Come', has been released in honor of Black History Month, and will also feature merchandise like tees and sneaks. P.S you may want to get some new kicks before this rad new Imax workout in NYC as part of Drake V Rhianna week. P.P.S See why work out classes are the newest places to network #Sweatworking.

Researchers Find Extensive Chemicals In Fast-Food Wrappers (Science Daily)

Burger with a side of hormones? No thanks. Recent reports have found that the packaging used in fast food contains fluorinated chemicals and can seep into your food. These chemicals have a bad w(rap) and have been linked to kidney disease, elevated cholesterol, decreased fertility testicular cancer and hormonal problems. They are stain-free, water repellent and have non-stick properties which are great for furniture or outdoor, not so much. Just another reason to keep the junk to a minimal.

Have a great weekend! xx, team clover